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  • Marilyn Delinois MABTS


My Christian brothers and sisters, how about making the year 2021 the year you read the Old Testament (if you haven’t already done so)? It’s still early in the year.

Many Christians think that the OT is irrelevant to the Church because we are no longer under the Law but under the Covenant of Grace. Well, this is partly true. True that we are under the covenant of Grace, not true that it is irrelevant to the Church and today’s Christians.

In order to fully understand our Bible and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, we need to read the ENTIRE Bible. Not just half of it. Trying to understand the Bible by reading only the New Testament is like trying to examine a painting with half the canvas covered. You’d be very limited in your assessment of the painting, wouldn’t you say? To truly understand God’s plan of Salvation, it’s fruition and what lies ahead for all believers (eschatology), you need to see the “entire picture” of the Word of God.

Make this quiet time during the pandemic, when we are spending more time at home, an opportunity to catch up on your reading of the Old Testament. Trust me when I tell you how exciting and edifying it is to read about the lives of God’s people in the OT.

Blessings on you as you begin your reading journey…. The Holy Spirit will lead you.

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